Panopticon [ pan-op-ti-kon ] 

Greek: pan – “all” +  optikon – “seeing”

is a multidisciplinary platform in areas of digital culture such as game studies, new media art, electronic music, synthetic media, web3 and many others.

Platform has a mission to develop a better understanding of the rapidly developing digital age, technology, and new means of art through an interdisciplinary approach. It aims to develop and foster both a local and global community of like-minded people through events, online publishing and networking.  It encourages a critical approach in the age of new social and cultural developments. Furthermore, it promotes innovation and new models for fostering cultural education and artistic independence.


Panopticon is an independent, community-based platform and continues to grow solely with your support. So if you found anything interesting and helpful while surfing here, consider subscribing to our newsletter and sharing the article. It will help us to continue developing the community and make more voices heard.