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acid.coma: Digital Worlds of Razmik Gevorgyan

Armenian-based digital artist and designer Razmik Gevorgyan goes with the moniker acid.coma. His eclectic aesthetics are vibrant and interesting. You can find sci-fi, acid graphics, brutalism, cyber art, and many other influences from art, literature, and more.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everything influences me.  Be that art collective or designers like Marc Tudisco, or Instagram pages like @chrometype curated by @modern_revolt, @dissrup, @xindyfairy. But it is not just digital art. I love Goya and Giger. That dark, surreal mood they have.  They inspire me a lot.  Also writers. Goethe, Orwell, Camus, Lovecraft. But Goethe influences me the most. My characters are appearing in different places. I have that feeling from him. Like they are in hell.

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What about music?

Sure. Ambient, noise, waves. And games. I got a lot from games.  Dark Souls by Hidetaka Miyazaki. Mangakas like Junji Ito.

I knew you’re going to mention him.

And of course, anime we love. Mostly from the 70s to the 90s. And cinema. Lars von Trier, Gaspar Noé, Alejandro Jodorowsky. So mostly art house. Fuck up artists like them).

You started NFT projects as well.

Yep, I am interested. I think that is the future of art. Everything will be cyber soon. It is not speculation anymore, but rather a fact.

So it is not a bubble that going to burst?

Nah, I am 99% positive.

What about all the ecological concerns that all this mining and minting creates?

Well, progress always makes some scars. New, more efficient ways will be invented finally. But for now, it will hurt a little.

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Do you consider yourself original?

It is hard to be original on the internet. And like in real life, everyone steals or copies.

Do you steal?

I get inspired.) It is important how you recreate things. Sometimes it is just a color that inspired you, sometimes the story. There are things, how hard you want to copy, they will not become ours.  Of course, there is an original piece and the original artist, but you can take it and rethink it. You are not insisting on the ownership. You are just creating a new narrative. Like rabbit, originally created by Jeff Koons can appear somewhere else or Naruto can turn into crypto coin. Somehow they appeared in the digital domain and became something different.

acid.coma panopticon nft armenia

So it means that the new digital ecosystem will help new emerging artists?

It’s just a casino. And the casino always wins. ) You need to invest a lot of capital to break through. There are a lot of myths that you can become rich overnight. But the truth is you just need to be experienced and have a lot of money)

So basically everything remains the same.

Yep, just with different textures.

By the way, why acid.coma?

One of my friends once looked at me and called me acid.come. I liked that.


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