Lee McCarthy LAUREN new media art

Lee McCarthy: Utilitarian Utopias

Lee McCarthy (she/they) explores social relationships in the age of surveillance, automation, and algorithmic living, artist Lauren. McCarthy, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) alum, finds the “grey area” where technology, art, and life merge to be fascinating. She is the inventor of p5.js, an online open source programming language with over 1.5 million users …

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Sougwen Chung Robotics AI

Sougwen Chung: Humans and Robots

Sougwen Chung is a New York based multidisciplinary artist and researcher. She was a former research fellow at the MIT Media Lab as well as an artist-in-residence at Google and New Inc., the cultural incubator for the New Museum. She addresses the similarities between person-to-person and person-to-machine communication using hand-drawn and computer-generated marks. Her speculative …

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Gretchen Bender Total Recall Video Installation

Gretchen Bender

Gretchen Bender (1951–2004), is a pioneering American multidisciplinary artist and influential figure in American art of the late 20th century and a significant observer of the effects of the overabundance of mass media on the human experience. The groundbreaking fusions of sculpture, video, sound, and performance that she created in New York in the 1980s …

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CTM Cyberia Designs by Lucas Gutierrez, panopticon

Lucas Gutierrez: Dystopias and Chaotic Metaphysics

Lucas Gutierrez is an Argentinean industrial designer and digital artist who has experimented in a variety of mediums, such as audiovisual performances, and video art projects that explore the new paradigms in digital culture. He is deeply immersed in the remix culture, mixing influences from various contexts, such as post-work anthropology and abstract quotes from …

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quayola howart museum shanghai industrial robot

Quayola: Industrial Robots and Algorithmic Creativity

Italian artist Davide Quayola, based in London, creates animated hybrid spaces using painting, sculpture, and architecture. His on-location work includes Vatican, Notre Dame in Paris and the Palais des Beaux Arts in Lille, Europe’s most renowned art institutions and churches. For his collaboration with the artist Memo Akten on the piece Forms, he received the …

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BYTONE. live panopticon


Olaf Bender, a 1968-born artist, found some 16mm film equipment by accident while in school, which led to the start of his artistic output. He then began experimenting with both the medium of “film” and the component “film” as of that point. Due to technical restrictions, he had to use unconventional techniques. He immediately scratched …

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