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Kachi Chan: From Digital To Physical

Kachi Chan is an interdisciplinary artist and creative technologist that is interested in using computational animation, digital reality technology, and robotics as lenses to broaden the idea of moving images and analyze the relationships between physical and virtual realities. His pieces have been displayed internationally at venues like Ars Electronica (in Austria and London), Art Basel (in Hong Kong), Interactive Architecture Lab (in London), and NHK (Japan).

The robotic art installation Sisyphus is named after a character from Greek mythology who is forced to drag a boulder up a hill each day only to watch it roll back down again. Here we see two robots that interact in an endless cycle. While a larger robot pushes the brick arches down, smaller robots construct them. A narrative of construction and deconstruction is advanced by this robotic system.


The sociopolitical environment in which systems of authority and resistance are constantly at odds with one another is the subject of the play Sisyphus. In this piece, repetition is explored through the interaction of two opposing robotic systems—one small and nimble, the other powerful and oppressive—represented by either one or both of them by the Greek Sisyphus.

Director, Roboticist: Kachi Chan
Creative Technologist: Nirav Beni
Research: Pat Wingshan Wong
Project advisors: Ruairi Glynn, Parker Heyl, Phaedra Shanbaum
Project developed at: Interactive Architecture Lab, University College London

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