Mario Klingemann neurography panopticon

Mario Klingemann: Neurography

Using cutting-edge methods, German artist Mario Klingemann, a pioneer in the fields of artificial intelligence, computer learning, and neural networks, explores enduring issues with creativity, culture, and perception.

Klingemann, who was born in 1970, grew up throughout the introduction of home computers and video games. Klingemann started learning computer programming in the 1980s with the goal of pursuing a profession that combined technology and the visual arts.
Klingemann began his career in advertising and design. He started building websites for the World Wide Web, then only getting started, in 1994. Since then, his artistic practice has evolved alongside breakthroughs in AI and deep learning, with Klingemann’s contributions at the leading edge.

The resulting artwork questions conventional media and aesthetic standards and offers a fascinating insight into what contemporary art may look like in the future. It includes everything from horrifying “neurographs” to an infinite stream of entirely machine-generated portraits.


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