Definition of New Media Art

We can define new media art is an umbrella term for artwork produced using new media. It covers a wide range of categories, including digital art, computer graphics, animation, virtual art, Internet art, interactive art technologies, but it may also be relevant to areas like computer robotics or art as biotechnology.

The practices of conceptual and virtual art, as well as performances and installations, are all included in the definition of new media art. New media art often functions more like a platform for dialogue and interaction than a contained art piece.

Types of New Media Art

Multimedia Art – Art that uses digital versions of traditional media

Internet (Net) Art – Art using the internet, or website, as medium

Interactive Art   – Art involving human-interaction

Algorithmic Art – Art using a mathematical formula or algorithm as the source of form or structure

Web Design – Art of graphic design using web page as canvas

Non-Linear Editing – Art of filmmaking using digital video

Digital Painting – Art of painting using digital tools

Interface Design – Art of graphic design to create software interfaces

Computer Graphics – Art using computer modeling and rendering to create virtual scenes

Video Games – Art which is bi-directional, narrative and exploratory.

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