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Nicolas Bernier: The Tangible Matter

Nicolas Bernier creates eclectic audiovisual performances and installations. He creates a dialogue between sound and tangible matter. His cross-media artworks are within the fields of cinema, literature, dance, and theater.

His own language blends together elements of music and photography, design and science, video art, and light design. His artistic concerns are around the balance between the cerebral and the sensual, and between organic sources and digital processing.



He graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a Ph.D. in sonic arts (UK). He is a member of Perte de signal, CIRMMT, and Hexagram media arts research and development centers based in Montréal. He is teaching in the Digital Music program of the Université de Montréal.

The awardee of the prestigious Golden Nica at Prix Ars Electronica 2013 (Austria), his work is widely recognized, presented all over the world. He was a participant in festivals such as  ZKM (Germany), SONAR (Spain), MUTEK (Canada), Elektra (Canada), Transmediale (Germany), and LABoral (Spain).



The project is part of a larger project called “frequencies,” which investigates fundamental sound and light dichotomic systems. Frequencies (light quanta) are created as a result of a fascination with science, light, and granular synthesis, which allows for the creation of sound clouds/grains.

The quantum — the smallest measurable value of energy — and the smallness of matter are the focal points of the conceptualization. The entire project is based on the conceptual connections that can be made between basic quantum physics principles and the audio-visual creative process: particles, probabilities, wave/particle duality, and discontinuity.

The audio-visual composition is metaphorically structured around these ideas, and it is made up of 100 sound and light micro-sequences that evolve into a constantly expanding but disruptive form in time and space.
Vectorial graphics are always random when randomness is used.



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