panopticon event 2023 march


Artists’ Lineup:

⭐️ MESROP (live)
The LA-based artist has a background in classical, jazz, and hip-hop music. He’s found new love and appreciation for electronic music through the underground scene in Yerevan. In his fully electronic set, he will bridge between Chopin, JPEGMAFIA, and Jon Hopkins.

⭐️ YCROW (live)
Multigenre producer and DJ. Plays with the broken beat, drum, bass, leftfield and beatmusic.

Composer, and sound designer based in Yerevan. Guitar practitioner since childhood. Writes music for TV and films. Analog instruments geek who samples soviet synthesizers. Loves creative madness and positive vibes.

A Yerevan-based artist who has developed his unpredictable style since the mid-1990s. With profound love and passion for the electronic music scene, he creates otherworldly mixes and explores many genres by transcending them into unique states. A resident of Yerevan’s Poligraf club.

⭐️ SHHAU (live)
Electronic musician, drummer, composer, and sound designer from Yerevan. Graduated from Yerevan State Conservatory as a musicologist. Composed music for commercials, games, and TV. Produced numerous tracks in a wide range of genres and styles including jazz, hip-hop, jungle/dnb, dub, trip-hop, ambient, and many others.

⭐️ DAVE N.A. (DJ Set)
Yerevan-based electronic music producer, DJ, and founder of FNTSY. Inspired by the spirit of 90’s IDM, Jungle, Breakbeat, Techno, and Drum and Bass. As a producer could be described as listener-focused and club-oriented. As a Dj, he maintains no genre boundaries and keeps an open-minded approach.