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Simonian’s worldwide music runs by the circle of lifelong seekings and comes back to the young years drumy junglist with so much beloved muffasa project: inspired from african dancin’ tribes, spreadin’ rhythms of traditional dance music and spiritual food for the beings from everywhere.

A music producer who emerged mysteriously in Armenia, is a lover of expansive, unadulterated analog sounds and the sheer power of simple beats that have the ability to ignite massive sound systems. With an enigmatic origin, Ghost Chain’s sonic creations captivate listeners and transport them on an otherworldly journey.

Embracing a stripped-down approach, Ghost Chain’s music showcases the raw energy of analog instruments, weaving a captivating tapestry of sound. His compositions, devoid of unnecessary embellishments, exude a primal force that resonates with the depths of one’s being. Each track pulsates with an infectious rhythm, designed to send seismic vibrations through the bodies of those fortunate enough to experience it.

DJ, producer, and promoter with a high passion for electronic music. He focuses on creating music across various tempos and genres such as breakbeat, drum&bass, and techno. With releases on notable labels like Diffrent Music, Diffuse Reality, Onset Audio, Block160, Esthetic’s unique sound is gaining recognition worldwide. Always experimenting on different bpm he showcases a remarkable ability to create sonic landscapes that are both intricate and emotive, drawing in listeners with every beat and melody.

One who wears many hats. Spielwiese, a composer, guitarist, and sound designer. A man who embodies the principles of artistic freedom, joy, optimism, and the pursuit of the present moment. Started playing guitar at the age of 5 and his passion for it grew when his father, a bass guitarist, inspired him with their musical collaboration.

Spielwiese serves as both the studio name and moniker, symbolizing creative freedom, joy, positivity, and living in the moment, embodied by a masked clone; his exploration of analog instruments leads to unique outcomes in each session, offering a personal challenge to uncover distinct sounds, while the rewarding interaction with the audience during performances reflects their enjoyment of both the live experience and the improvised music.

Hovsep Aghjian a.k.a. HOV is an electronic music producer and cofounder of the dk.tsk label and collective based in Armenia. Originally a drummer and having performed in different underground rock bands in Beirut, it has brought him to live improvisations, which constitute a significant part of his creative process. He blends complex layering of rhythms and textures from various genres in his musical language.

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Date: July 14, 2023
Time: 9 PM-3.30 AM
Location:Poligraf, Green Bar
Address: 19a Koryun st. Yerevan

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