Panopticon Concert

Panopticon Concert

We are partnered with Poligraf to bring the best live performers in town. You can discover electronic genres such as dark ambient, glitch, drone, industrial. We offer you a new experience, a warm and friendly environment, and great sound. Join us on February 7, 21:00 @Poligraf.

Eeli is a project of Dave N.A. which begins at the end of 2017. The project is basically a diary containing field recordings from some periods that left an emotional memory of those situations-periods. You can find songs from Eeli here >

Arash Azadi is an Iranian composer, multidisciplinary artist, and art director based in Yerevan. His works are influenced by creative technologies. Azadi began studying classical Persian setar at the age of nine. In 2012, he enrolled in Armenia’s Yerevan State Conservatory, where he majored in composition and began mastering the visual programming language Max/MSP. His most recent works are electroacoustic and experimental. He often combines audio-visual effects, performance art, or improvised dance and theater.

Armenia based electronic music producer I s, flows through propulsive dense and soft layers of quiet and non-quiet forms. Her deep pulsing bass tones are focused and equally non-focused patterns allying sensitive realness and toughness.

Nystagmus is a sound artist based in Yerevan. Had been playing in punk rock bands since 2002. Shifted to electronic music from 2010. Works with field recordings and electromagnetic sounds which he generates with DIY instruments. Explores self-sufficient noise in the street and acoustic environments. He manipulates the sound without deconstructing it. He plays with timbre without touching the structure.

Beirut-born HOV is an electronic music producer is based in Yerevan. Recognized for the haunting textures of his music. He developed his powerful sound through former training as a professional drummer and performing as a rock band musician. He turned to electronic music to explore and blend his sensitivity to cultural mysticism with an affinity for oriental music, assaulting beats, and ancient sound through a new, digital medium. The result is a signature, almost visual experience where intense baselines blend with hypnotic synths to saturate space and conduct the crowd.