Panopticon, March 16 banner

Panopticon: Before Midnight

⭐From the East, From the West
🌬️ And the South, And the North
🌜 They are summoned together
💫 To challenge their worth…

Finally, we are back. This time with evening formats for those who like to party early.
We start at 20:00 and finish at 24:00. So don’t be late, every minute counts 🤩

Lineup ⚡️

20:00 – 22:00 Mixtinct b2b Hayk Karoyi b2b Ycrow
22:00 – 24:00 Shhau b2b Rat b2b muffasa


Mixtinct, aka mveq

Mixtinct, aka mveq, is a central figure in Armenia’s electronic music scene since the late 1990s, contributing significantly to the development of club culture. His artistic identity revolves around a deep love and devotion to electronic music, showcasing a distinctive style shaped by a vast knowledge of various genres. Mixtinct leaves a lasting impact with visionary performances, highlighting his palpable passion for DJing and producing. Characterized by his distinctive style, Mixtinct firmly establishes himself as an innovator in the electronic music realm, solidifying his standing as a true trailblazer in the industry.

Hayk Karoyi Panopticon

Hayk Karoyi
His music resonates with the lively Mediterranean palette and the intricate tapestry of Armenian medieval culture.
Hayk, a versatile multi-instrumentalist with expertise in Armenian woodwinds, skillfully channels the depths of his cultural identity through these instruments. Embodying a blend of East Mediterranean and Armenian heritages, he, as a person of mixed roots, skillfully blends elements of both in his music and self-identity.

Ycrow Panopticon

As a multigenre producer and DJ, Ycrow intricately crafts sonic experiences that traverse the realms of broken beat, drum and bass, leftfield, and beat music. His boundary-pushing creativity embraces the nuances of each genre, delivering a dynamic and genre-defying fusion that captivates audiences.

Shhau Panopticon


Shahen Khandkaryan, known as Shhau, is a music producer, composer, and sound designer from Yerevan. Starting as a drummer, his rhythmic foundation echoes in his music, notably showcased in his debut dubstep EP “Alchemy.”
The Shhau project goes beyond genre limits, taking influence from bass music, jungle, hip-hop, and jazz. In his own words, “Anything connected to rhythm and sound is my passion.”

RAT Panopticon

No experience
No style
No interests
No fun facts
No details
To tell you.

muffasa Narek Simonyan Panopticon


muffasa’s worldwide music runs by the circle of lifelong seekings and comes back to the young years drumy junglist. Inspired from african dancin’ tribes, spreadin’ rhythms of traditional dance music and spiritual food for the beings from everywhere.


⚡️ Duration: 20:00-24:00
⚡️ Door: 5000 AMD / FC
⚡️ Address: Yerevan, Tonelab, Koryun Street, 19A/35