Panopticon On Air No2

Panopticon On Air

Electronic music show at Bohemnots Radio >

January 14, 19:00 (UTC+4) 🚀🚀🚀

Nystagmus Panopticon Electronic Music


Sound artist and an experimental musician from Yerevan. Active member of various punk bands. Started producing experimental music in 2010. Uses field recordings and electromagnetic sounds that he recorded using his DIYs. Studies psychological problems, the diagnosis of disorders which becomes part of musical production.

bneleti Ben Wheeler Panopticon

Bneleti a.k.a. Ben Wheeler, an experimental musician, composer, and ethnomusicologist whose work features the influence of folk traditions meshed with electronic music and lo-fi aesthetics. The Bneleti name is used for projects featuring black metal, ambient, and noise influenced guitar experiments, taking on various forms that include live performances with musicians like Hungarian Drummer Balazs Pandi (Merzbow, Venetian Snares, Zu), guitar improvisations triggering the modular synthesizer rigs of Hampus Soderstrom, and wide variety of recording that utilize drums machines, Soviet era effects, and multitracked tape. This exclusive mix includes live recordings from Bologna, Italy and Tbilisi, Georgia along with a diverse selection of Bneleti recordings from the last five years.

mveq a.k.a. Artyom Evoyan panopticon yerevan

mveq is a Yerevan based electronic musician who is well-known for his visceral and uncompromising sets. Mveq is a project that has a deep and straight purpose to awaken definite fields of human, related to soul and perception. Sonic expression is the best that matches this aim.

Duke Panopticon Yerevan

Duke is Yerevan based clectronic musician. He co founded LSD experimental rock band with Areg Arakelyan in 2005. Collaborator and active member in wide variety of projects such as Node, Spectrum,  Kay&Gurr (experimental electronic), skhalduke (synthwave)to mention few.

vhsound Kay a.k.a. Nystagmus Panopticon

Collaboration of Kay a.k.a. Nystagmus and VHSound.