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Electronic music show at Bohemnots Radio >

Dec 10, 19:00 (UTC+4) ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€


โ—พStarting his carrer at 2007 Merouj is at the center of his own little musical world. Sometimes hurried and minimal, at others spacious and deep, itโ€™s a showcases of all the many influences that he distills into his own productions.

โ—พVHSound a.k.a. Vardan Harutyunyan is a composer, pianist and electro-acoustic composer working in the field of electronic dance music. VHSound is a mix of new-aesthetic emotions and nostalgia with electronic sound esthetics and experimental electronic solutions in popular electronic music.

โ—พRaf Gyoletsyan is a sound artist, acting in the field of electronic music since 2000. Participant of both local and international events including “Soundspring”,”Unsound” and “Boiler Room”. Has been performing live experimental electronic music since 2013. Recently he has released his debut album ‘Fluctuations’ in bandcamp.

โ—พnthr1 a.k.a. DJ Smithee is a DJ and producer from Armenia. His inspirations come from his small hometown and also from the nicely strange people that surround him.

Arash Azadi

โ—พArash Azadi is an Iranian born Yerevan based composer, multidisciplinary artist and art director. He has studied classical composition at Komitas Yerevan State Conservatory. His art has a post modern approach where he uses different combinations of unconventional and conventional elements in a dialectical manner.