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NFT Art Exhibition: Art and Business In The World of Crypto Incarnations

We’ve always had mediums of exchange. Some of them are physical and tangible (the most recent manifestation of which is good-old cash), some are digital and intangible (like the whole Crypto family, including NFT). Well… nowadays, mostly the second. China is busy testing digital yuan, Russia keeps pace testing its digital ruble, Visa/Master Card are …

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skawennati_becoming-sky-woman_she-falls-for-ages -panopticon

Elizabeth Matheson: Communities and Immersive Technologies

(Banner photo: Becoming Sky Woman, Machinimagraph from She Falls for Ages by Skawennati) I am Elizabeth Matheson. I was raised in several countries that have been influential in shaping my cultural practice and ways of working with communities. In Canada, I have learned how to incorporate this lived experience into my role as a cultural …

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Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangel: All New Media Is Old Media

Cory Arcangel is a contemporary American post-conceptual multimedia artist who works in a range of mediums such as music, drawing, painting, video, performance art, software and video game modifications, for which he’s best known. Arcangel often relies on appropriation of pop cultural constructions, specifically those found online. His art inspects the relationship between technology and …

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Panopticon Concert

Panopticon Concert

PANOPTICON Concert of electronic music September 23, 20:00 20:00 IS (live) 21:00 MVEQ (live) 22:00 HOV (live) Poster by @acid.coma Tickets: 3000 AMD Seats are limited Don’t be late ! Address: HayArt Cultural Centre Mashtots 7a, Yerevan

panopticon event

Panopticon On Air

Community broadcast of electronic music speedcore noise drum’n’bass w/ bohemnotsradio July 28, 21:00 (UTC+4) potôô dave n.a. mveq —– Tune in art by acid.coma

Robert Henke - Lumiere III at Teatro della Fortuna, Fano, Panopticon

Filippo Rosati: Umanesimo Artificiale

Umanesimo Artificiale(UA) is a studio and an artist platform based in Fano, Italy, with a spread team of collaborators throughout Italy. It organizes events, workshops, and research projects and collaborates with both private and public institutions. UA focuses mostly on exploring artificial intelligence, live coding, interactive online experiences, AR, and trying to focus all its …

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