Artificial Intelligence

Robert Henke - Lumiere III at Teatro della Fortuna, Fano, Panopticon

Filippo Rosati: Umanesimo Artificiale

Umanesimo Artificiale(UA) is a studio and an artist platform based in Fano, Italy, with a spread team of collaborators throughout Italy. It organizes events, workshops, and research projects and collaborates with both private and public institutions. UA focuses mostly on exploring artificial intelligence, live coding, interactive online experiences, AR, and trying to focus all its …

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Minds in the Making, Xiao Xiao theremin

Xiao Xiao: Modular Thinking and The Melody of Language

This interview was possible because of one accident. A colleague, curator and co-founder of InSitu art agency Anna Gargarian was looking for recommendations on Facebook. “Dear musician friends in Armenia. Do any of you know where to rent a Theremin in Armenia? Amazing artist Xiao Xiao finds herself (happily) stuck in Armenia while en route …

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David Beckham speaks 9 languages deepfake

What is Synthetic Media?

Introduction Synthetic media is an interconnected field of AI-generative media. This rapidly growing field is directly connected to generative adversarial networks. It is a modification of data by automated means. And even though it is mostly associated with the latest more popular implementations such as deepfakes it has a much wider spectrum including text to …

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