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Panopticon Concert


PANOPTICON Concert of electronic music September 23, 20:00 20:00 IS (live) 21:00 MVEQ (live) 22:00 HOV (live) Poster by @acid.coma Tickets: 3000 AMD Seats are limited Don’t be late ! Address: HayArt Cultural Centre Mashtots 7a, Yerevan

dk.tsk rave


We definitely miss raving in-between mount Arakadz and abandoned soviet buildings in our beloved location. This time we will be having an Outdoor & an Indoor stage. Both have killer sound systems. We’re also organizing open decks for DJs to experience the dancefloor during the raves,  so please hurry up and register (find the link …

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Spectrum Electronic Audio-Visual Project

Bohemnotsradio presents AUG.19 / 20:00 (UTC+4) at Hay-Art Cultural Center Spectrum electronic audio-visual project Vardan Harutyunyan Kay Khachatryan Vardan Sargsyan Narek Buniatyan mu.viz [audi, vide, sile] audio streaming > — entrance fee : 2000amd address: 7a Mashtots street, Yerevan   💧 💧 💧 *Disclaimer. This event is organized by our partner ✌️

panopticon event

Panopticon On Air

Community broadcast of electronic music speedcore noise drum’n’bass w/ bohemnotsradio July 28, 21:00 (UTC+4) potôô dave n.a. mveq —– Tune in art by acid.coma

Ben Wheeler: Culture of Physical Domains

I met Ben in 2018. Our mutual friend Kay Khachatryan (Nystagmus) participated in “Caucasus All Frequency” Fest in Georgia. It was curated by “Mountains of Tongues” (Ben’s project), in partnership with the “Aqtushetii”, a festival/residency program in a remote mountainous village in the North. A ten-day workshop and concert series featuring collaborations and knowledge exchange …

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Panopticon On Air No2

Panopticon On Air

Electronic music show at Bohemnots Radio > January 14, 19:00 (UTC+4) Nystagmus Sound artist and an experimental musician from Yerevan. Active member of various punk bands. Started producing experimental music in 2010. Uses field recordings and electromagnetic sounds that he recorded using his DIYs. Studies psychological problems, the diagnosis of disorders which becomes part …

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Panopticon On Air

Electronic music show at Bohemnots Radio > Dec 10, 19:00 (UTC+4) Starting his carrer at 2007 Merouj is at the center of his own little musical world. Sometimes hurried and minimal, at others spacious and deep, it’s a showcases of all the many influences that he distills into his own productions. VHSound a.k.a. …

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