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Panopticon On Air

Electronic music show at Bohemnots Radio > Dec 10, 19:00 (UTC+4) Starting his carrer at 2007 Merouj is at the center of his own little musical world. Sometimes hurried and minimal, at others spacious and deep, it’s a showcases of all the many influences that he distills into his own productions. VHSound a.k.a. …

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Jessica Ekomane

Jessica Ekomane: Psychoacustics and Human Perceptions

Berlin-based sound artist and electronic musician Jessica Ekomane explores the interplay of psychoacoustics. She creates the perception of rhythmic structures, the transformation of sonic waves, and the interchange of noise and melody. She practices live performances as well as sound installations. She was one of the artists who contributed to the installation of the Natascha …

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Glacier Music II by Anushka Chkheidze, Eto Gelashvili, Hayk Karoyi, Lillevan, Robert Lippok

Robert Lippok: Glacier Music

Robert Lippok is a German Avant-garde visual artist and composer. For decades he has been an influential figure in the experimental music scene, who also is famous for his audiovisual installations, stage design for interdisciplinary performances. A well-known collaboration with his brother Ronald Lippok and Stefan Schneider in the mid-1990s resulted a famous “To Rococo …

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