K/DA virtual influencers digital humans

Digital Humans in Marketing

Digital humans and avatars have become an increasingly popular marketing tool in recent years. With the growth of technology, digital humans can now mimic human behavior and emotions, making them a powerful marketing tool that is here to stay. “Virtual influencers” have the potential to revolutionize the way brands interact with consumers. With digital humans, …

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NFT Art Exhibition GSD Odd Republic

NFT Art Exhibition: Art and Business In The World of Crypto Incarnations

We’ve always had mediums of exchange. Some of them are physical and tangible (the most recent manifestation of which is good-old cash), some are digital and intangible (like the whole Crypto family, including NFT). Well… nowadays, mostly the second. China is busy testing digital yuan, Russia keeps pace testing its digital ruble, Visa/Master Card are …

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David Beckham speaks 9 languages deepfake

What is Synthetic Media?

Introduction Synthetic media is an interconnected field of AI-generative media. This rapidly growing field is directly connected to generative adversarial networks. It is a modification of data by automated means. And even though it is mostly associated with the latest more popular implementations such as deepfakes it has a much wider spectrum including text to …

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