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Digital Humans in Marketing

Digital humans and avatars have become an increasingly popular marketing tool in recent years. With the growth of technology, digital humans can now mimic human behavior and emotions, making them a powerful marketing tool that is here to stay. “Virtual influencers” have the potential to revolutionize the way brands interact with consumers. With digital humans, …

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Environmental Storytelling

Environmental storytelling is the art of carefully placing a variety of available objects in a game world so that when a player sees them, they imply a narrative. There is less directness in environmental storytelling. Environmental storytelling encourages players to invent their own tales of what transpired to lead to the end instead than clearly …

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What is

Jodi is >>> Joan Heemskerk (born 1968 in Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands) and Dirk Paesmans (born 1965 in Brussels, Belgium). The artist duo of internet art (netart) pioneers was created in 1994. They were some of the first net artists to create Web art and later started to create software art and artistic computer game modifications …

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Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangel: All New Media Is Old Media

Cory Arcangel is a contemporary American post-conceptual multimedia artist who works in a range of mediums such as music, drawing, painting, video, performance art, software and video game modifications, for which he’s best known. Arcangel often relies on appropriation of pop cultural constructions, specifically those found online. His art inspects the relationship between technology and …

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Interactive virtual art as an aesthetic No Man's Sky Andrei Isakov

Interactive Virtual Art As An Aesthetic Experience Of The Future, Between Accessibility And Gamification

Scope of the Problem When considering interactive virtual experiences, especially video games, I would like to pinpoint major research topics or goals, which, in my opinion, are neglected to some degree in a cultural discourse in Poland, especially in the academic environment. These are: ●  The study of the interactive medium as an artistic and …

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Polish Digital

Polish Digital

“Panopticon Talks” is a series of events organized by “Panopticon”, organization that is dedicated to digital culture. This event is focused on the Polish digital scene.Get ready for 90 minutes of interesting talks with following Q/A after.December 14, 15:00, @Mirzoyan Library Łukasz Szałankiewicz (Zenial) sound artist, member of the Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music, and …

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