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Ultrakill is a first-person shooter set across levels inspired by Dante’s Inferno. Players wield five classes of weapons: the revolver, shotgun, nailgun, railcannon, and arm, each offering various variants. By executing combos, players can raise a style meter graded from D to ULTRAKILL, earning style points reminiscent of gameplay seen in titles like Devil May Cry.


In Ultrakill, players assume the role of V1, a machine fueled by blood, descending through the layers of Hell after humanity’s extinction to harvest the blood of its denizens. Along the way, V1 faces demons, undead, rival machines seeking blood, and angels, including bosses like V2, a later version of V1; King Minos (and Minos Prime), a vanquished Hell king; and Gabriel, a powerful angel sent to halt V1’s progress.

A central mechanic in Ultrakill allows players to replenish health by absorbing the blood of wounded enemies, achieved by attacking enemies at close range. However, certain obstacles can hinder this process, such as enemies covered in sand, which do not yield blood for absorption.

In Ultrakill, each level features hidden collectibles in the form of soul orbs and a challenge. Completing the challenge, finding all soul orbs, and achieving the highest rank (P) will reward players by turning the level gold.

The game is divided into a prelude and three acts. The prelude consists of one area (referred to as a layer) with four levels and a boss. Each act contains three layers with three levels and one major boss each, except for the final layer of each act, which contains only one level and a boss.


Non-Climax Layers (Layers 0, 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8) feature secret levels with complete genre shifts, often referencing other games. These include a horror game parody, a puzzle level based on The Witness (2016 video game), a dating sim parody, and a Crash Bandicoot-style platforming level. Completing these secret levels unlocks cheats for the player, although this disables rank progression after each level.

Climax Layers (Layers 3, 6, and 9) provide access to a special P-rank door by achieving P-ranks in every single level within the game (excluding other secret levels). These hidden areas, known as “Prime Sanctums,” feature exceedingly difficult fights with multiple bosses, each equipped with complex attack patterns.

Sisyphus Prime ultrakill panopticon

Fun facts:

1. The swordsmachine has paws for feet
2. Gabriel had an assistant called Jackson
3. The further you are from the maps default point, the more models start to warp. If you fly into the air in sandbox for 20 minutes your weapons will shake violently.
4. When respawning after dying to Minos Prime in Ultrakill, he says “useless,” as if he knows you can respawn and is mocking the player’s attempts to defeat him.
5. The Flesh Panopticon is a large, undefined organism and a superior version of the Flesh Prison. It is found in the final room of the mission [ P-2: WAIT OF THE WORLD ]. The Flesh Panopticon has the ability to heal itself, but attempting to do so awakens Sisyphus Prime. Sisyphus Prime then frees himself from the Flesh Panopticon, ultimately destroying it in the process.


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